Monday, January 14, 2008

Sadie #2

1988-2002 > Sadie came to us from our good friend Don Luxmore. His Golden Retriever “Lady” had a litter of pups, but the neighborhood black Lab was the first to jump the fence. Sadie was a sporting dog mix, but didn’t swim or retrieve! Sunny needed a companion and Sadie filled the bill, he didn’t care whether she retrieved or not. Sunny just adored her, but 3 years later, after bringing Cosmo into the pack, it was obvious Sadie would do much better as an only dog. Andi’s Mom jumped at the chance to adopt her, so Sadie stayed in the family. It was a match made in heaven. She was a great companion and alarm dog for Grambo who lived alone in Everett. It was really special because we could see her all the time and she was always part of the pack whenever we’d get together.

Kimmy brought Sadie home on her lap when she was a pup. From then on they had a special bond. Even when Kimmy was far away, she always asked about her Sadie. Oh yea, Sadie was named after Sadie #1 who had just died a month before we brought the little white bundle home.

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