Thursday, August 19, 2010

Dog Parks and Guns don't mix

Attention Shoreline citizens,, Shoreline Mayor and City Council
Each Shoreline Dog Park should be a "NO WEAPONS ZONE"

Leave your weapons in the car, better yet, at home.
> Our dogs are unarmed <

Quail Run, MD - An off duty Federal policeman shot and killed an off-leash Husky in a dog park. This man had his German Shepard on-leash and claimed the (properly off-leash) Husky was posing a danger to him, his wife and his on-leash dog. Witnesses reported rough play by the Husky and Shepard, but nothing more sinister than that. The tragic part is the owner of the German Shepard was armed with his service pistol, loaded with hollow point bullets and chose to fire a round into the Husky's hind quarters rather than break up this undesirable behavior with less lethal methods. All of us dog park regulars are always prepared to break up squabbles using non-lethal methods. It's not that hard folks.

Lady and I are regular dog park visitors. In the short time I've had Lady, we have been to probably 15 different dog parks all over the western U.S. This really hits home, because Lady greets everyone in whatever dog park she is playing in. That means if she was in Maryland that fateful day, it could of just as easily happened to her. I have encountered more clueless and irresponsible dog owners than I care to count. On a good day, they are a nuisance....ARMED.....they could be deadly. It's not the dog's fault. Dogs feed off of their human's energy and can misbehave. If a dog is not socialized, get some proper training before taking them to a park....on-leash or off. Our off-leash dogs are not there as fodder for your unsocialized dog or to show your dog who's boss (yea, that really happened to us in Arizona). 

Lady doesn't care what baggage you bring into the park, she greets everyone. On two occasions she has had to stick up for herself when accosted, but those kind of situations were resolved safely and quickly without gun-play. Guns are not the problem here, it's the people (law enforcement or not) that carry deadly weapons into a dog park and the bad decisions that can be made when emotions and ignorance supersede common sense.

Read the on-going story of the shooting in a dog park in Maryland - Link below

Better yet, just Google "justice for bear bear"

Please, no deadly weapons should be allowed in our parks

Lady thanks you


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

Even though the area that this happened is about 2 hours from us, we're hearing about the shooting of Bear-Bear on the DC news. I was glad to hear that charges had been filed. I feel as you do, that the dog park (or any park!) is no place for weapons, and there was no reason for this so called "officer" to have taken such appalling actions!!

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

Woo already know our opinions on this one!

Pawesome post Lady!

Please thank that nice KT fella fur us!

Khyra and Khousin Merdie

Ruby Red Dog said...

That's terrible! Mum stopped trying to take me to dog parks because I became so scared of them. I had a couple of nasty experiences in Arizona dog parks, and now I just have to smell one and it gets me really scared. I used to really enjoy playing with all the other dogs in the park.

Sam said...

Not to mention the threat it poses on human lives!


caboval said...

Oh that sickens us! We hope they jail that person!!! Look at sweet Ladt we love you!!! Hugs Joey and Kealani

Sugar the Golden Retriever said...

Woof! woof! it is really sad what's going on. At my favorite park it is being guard by the Village Police n they have their gears while they're in the park. I do hope there will be a LAW/Bill in regards to this. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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