Saturday, December 18, 2010

Golden Holiday Image 12 +

I just can't get enough of these goofy dog videos, wrapping presents, eating cereal, etc. - with opposing thumbs! This one has a sincere message from a group that does great work near Kanab, UT - Best Friends

Here's the YouTube link


Sam said...

That video is adorable too! We love it!


Meeka said...

I feel the same way can't get enough of these cute and goofy dog videos and it has an important message too.

Samantha said...

Love the movies with opposable thumbs pets! What a winner you found - so festive and pawsitive with a super message. Thanks for sharing!
Sammie and Avalon

Nina said...

Awww ... so sweet!
Thought I'd stop by and say hello
( and thank you for visiting as well )... it's always so nice to meet others who have the same appreciation for the unique and wonderful animals who share our lives.
Your Golden is very lucky to have a papa who dotes on her so. She looks like a real sweetheart!

Thor said...

Sweet video! We loved it! Thanks for sharing! Very important message!

Ms. ~K said...

I've never seen this...It's so clever and adorable! I'm enjoying these post.
I have visited Best Friends in Kanab twice...wonderful group of folks!
Buddy says he wishes Lady would come come keep him company during his time of inactivity...Her pretty face sure would help pass the time.
I hope you, Lady, and your entire family have a wonderful Christmas.

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