Saturday, October 15, 2011

Leavenworth 2011 - Garden Haus

We had such a great time last year in Leavenworth, WA <see where it is> - It was worth an encore. This year we were right in the middle of October Fest! For an imitation Bavarian town, this is a big deal. Weekdays are much tamer than the weekends, but it's always lively this time of year. A Fall Northwest storm came through and kept the weather ugly until the afternoon of the third day. Caught up on our reading and enjoyed our time with Easton. This was his first long car trip and being away from home. He was a very good boy with only one surprise. Off leash on our first walk, he bolted down to the Wenatchee river and would not stop. I wasn't too worried because the current is not swift and we were in the park with many inlets used for swimming. When I caught up with him, he was just standing in two feet of water, still as a statue, looking at me. He was visiting a place in his mind that he has been before. It was like Easton was in a trance. He would not come when I call to him, nor did he even stir. Finally when I held the leash up, he snapped out of it and splish-splashed out of the water, wagging his tail, ready to continue his walk.

He found a tennis ball and officially adopted it. I think its name is Wilson.
BTW, keeping our paws crossed for my pal Bubba at Golden Pines.

We rented this cool one bedroom house right in town.
Very nice - highly recommended + this particular property is pet friendly.

Front yard - the sun finally came out the third day.

The hot tub got a lot of use, especially on those cool, rainy days.

The back side of Garden Hause - lots of off-street parking.
Quite valuable during Octoberfest in Leavenworth.
Last year when we took this trip, Lady was with us. We took a picture of her in the town gazebo. Here is Lady from 2010 and Easton from 2011. I've said it many times: they would have been a great pair. "SIGH"

Lady September 2010
Easton October 2011
There are always "hits and misses" when ever you visit a place known for attracting tourists. Leavenworth is no exception. THE HITS: ~ we discovered one new (to us) place worth mentioning: King Ludwig, a traditional German restaurant and beer hall! Surprisingly good food and the staff was excellent. ~ Spent many lunches and snack times at the Munchen Haus - outdoor dining, dog friendly and wonderful sausages, German potato salad and kraut. ~ Our friend Klaus <Klaus and Lady> we met last year may be losing his lease. What a shame. He is such a nice man and knows how to make a quality espresso. ~ Our favorite breakfast place, Renaissance Cafe was still good. We had breakfast there every morning. ~ The Accidental Bavarian website was were we found our Garden Hause. It's still the best website for learning what's up in Leavenworth. ~ Thumbs up for Rudloof's Pizza. Excellent salad, friendly staff and decent pizza (OK, I'm a pizza snob, but for a small town joint, a fine effort).

The MISSES: Just one this trip, Tumwater Inn. The food was not good. Quaint bar, nice staff, but local entertainers were there playing guitars in the evening. Since they were locals, a group of their friends were sitting at the front tables and it was obvious anyone else in attendance was intruding. Kind of weird.

So, this is two years in a row for Leavenworth. It is really a wonderful place. I think next year we may pick somewhere different. I'm voting for Portland. We spent some time there last Christmas and loved it, despite the horrible weather. Many friends and my brother live down there, so we always have places to go and people to visit.

Sorry I have been so sparse with my blog postings the last 6 months. I'm hoping to be more prolific very soon. Best to all.


Amber DaWeenie said...

Sounds like you had a great vacation. I'm sure Easton enjoyed himself. And very nice that it was pretty pet friendly everywhere. You don't find that many places like that.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

It looks like a nice trip KT! I know the sting you felt as you remembered having Lady with you there before. But I'm glad that you and Easton made some new, good memories, and the three of you enjoyed your trip!

THANK YOU for the good thoughts for Bubba! Its been a quiet day for him. He's still having problems standing, but no seizures today--But we are still keeping our paws crossed!!

Homer said...

Hey Easton,

I bet you had a great trip at Leavenworth. We like the photo of Lady and you posing at the gazebo. So much similarities!


Kari in Redwood City said...

What a great vacation


Sam said...

Sounds like a great place to go!


Sierra Rose said...

Hi friends!
The Octoberfest sounded fun! Mom worked at a similar something recently here in our town. Lots of good folks...
Oh! I can relate with Easton...I would have dashed down the bank for some cool swimmin's too :)
Remembering lovely Lady!

Sweet hugs,
Sierra Rose

Josie said...

Looks like a great trip and fun time. Great pix. We just got back to blogging after a long time off because of personal reasons. Good to see you looking so well. Woofs and hugs, MB, Josie and Blues

bbes tribe said...

Leavenworth is a fun place to visit and Easton looks as if he enjoyed himself. the Garden Haus looks nice and the hot tub ;-) We haven't been blogging as much as we used to either.
Easton is very handsome. Glad his knee is getting better. I (Ernie)hurt mine while we were in Eastern WA and have been on crate and very limited use. Have to be leashed when go outside -blah blah blah.
Anyhow, glad to see your back.

Oskar said...

It looks like lots of fun. We have a German town in Michigan called Frankenmuth. It's always fun to go.

Nubbin wiggles,

bichonpawz said...

Hi there! We popped over to say hello from Sugar's blog! Looks like you had a wonderful vacation!!! Great pics!!
xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

Charlie said...

We vote that you come here to Portland next year! We'll introduce you to Laurelhurst Park and the treat tree!!

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