Sunday, February 26, 2012

Harley's Pool!

Easton wants to thank his new pal Harley for sharing his pool, stuffy toys and rawhide today. Easton had a grand old time while Harley watched in astonishment. Most of the time, I don't think Easton even knew that Harley was there! There were so many things to get into, just not enough time in a day.

Oh My Dog, A POOL !! Now, where are those steps? He never did find them,
but that didn't slowed him down one bit. 

"Oh man, this is the life. Can we stay? Think Debbie would adopt me?"

A rare shot of Easton playing with the toy like a cat! 
He's done this many times, but it's hard to catch on film.

The elusive Harley - barking at me taking his picture. I don't think he liked my hat!
Later he relaxed and warmed up, proving to be quite alright with the two and four legged invaders.

Easton slobbering on as many stuffies as he could find. 
Harley has the biggest toy box I've ever seen.
Courtesy of his grandpa - he's a lucky dog.

Thanks to Harley, Debbie and Jerry for the fun afternoon.


~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

The good time that your boy had, is contagious, I'm grinning just looking at all that Easton got to do!! :-D

But Easton can ask if your friends would adopt him, but you'd walk towards the door and Easton would be grabbing your ankles!! :-)) Glad you all had a fun and enjoyable day--I love that pool!!!

Sierra Rose said...

What a beautiful place! Such smiles mmmmm, would love to have a pool like that! Ahhhhh! Enjoy!

Big hugs,
Sierra Rose

Sam said...

How fun! We love your new header - that is a great shot!


Keith Andrea said...

.,what a beautiful place., I bet you enjoyed your stay there.

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