Monday, March 19, 2012

The Todd Toy Caper

Don't you just hate it when you "toy-nap" the wrong toy? Our friend Toby at Golden Pines has been complaining about all the annoying noises coming from a variety of toys in the mouth of the ever zealous Todd the Scottish Terrier. Easton was dispatched to toy-nap the offending item, but Mapquest sent him to the wrong farmhouse in Virginia! He brought back a red, squeaky ball and thinking it was Todd's, held it in captivity until Toby got around to sniffing his pee mail at the big oak tree message kiosk to confirm the job was done. Even though a ransom of yummy dog biscuits was paid, Easton is feeling sad (but full of biscuits) that someone ELSE actually toy-napped a quiet, red, puzzle ball belonging to Todd.

K9 toy-napping guide
Noisy balls - OK
Puzzle balls - off limits.

Easton would like to offer up a toy to Todd as a gift to soothe the temporary loss of "red puzzle ball". This toy was handed down to Easton from a Labby friend named Sadie, whose Mom thought Easton was just the most awesome Golden and deserved this fun (but odd looking) toy. Editor's note: as odd as this toy looks, the sound it emits when squeezed will make the hair on the back or your neck stand at attention!

The best description we've heard is: "cow-hippo-worm", along with "weird", "annoying" and "get this GD thing outa here". Legs, arms and other nubs have been nom-nomed off by Easton. So now it's a "custom toy" (it's value has sky-rocketed).

Dear Toby, our most humble apologies. We're thinking you'll still be spending time with your paws over your ears.

I need to learn how to read a compass....BOL


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! Oh KT. Just found out that Todd found it but this is for sure a great alternative. LOVE Easton photos. Couple more days n we will be leaving Chi town. Its been very stressful the only good part is the weather is super nice. Saw in the news SNOW in Arizona. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sam said...

Hi Easton,

I couldn't find a e-mail for you - Sam's agility is today at Pomeroy Elementary in Mesa, AZ. Are you in the area? We'd love to meet you if you get a chance! It starts at 7 and pretty much runs through out the morning.

Sam's Mom, Christine

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

I was just scrolling down your blog and looked at the comments for this post, and see that 'Todd's' didn't make it--That's what happens when I'm at work replying on a computer when I'm supposed to be focused on patients!!

I do have to tell you that we have had a permanent loss of 'red ball.'

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