Sunday, April 29, 2012

Easton demos a doggy treadmill

For those of you not on Facebook, here's Easton At the Phoenix Pet Expo, April 28th, 2012. He was the first dog to demo that day. We walked him in and out of this special treadmill three times, treating him each time. This is his fourth trip in, where the ground began to move under his feet. He was a little startled, but recovered nicely. He looked like a newborn fawn trying to get those long legs to adjust to the moving tread. He never panicked and tried real hard to make it work. Thanks to for being so patient and kind.

Click here to view directly on YouTube


JackDaddy said...

That was great!

Daisy said...

That was cool. He did very well with that. It would be a bit of a surprise to have the floor suddenly start moving under you when you're not expecting it.

Meeka said...

You're the perfect demo doggy.

Kari in Vegas said...

You are a great demo-er

Stop on by for a visit

Khyra And Sometimes Her Mom said...

More Golden sukhk up work!


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