Friday, May 30, 2008

Lady 2008

It's been seven months since Devo's passing. We have been talking about getting another Golden or two for several months now. We decided to adopt a rescued dog rather that get a couple of puppies and raise them. After a few false starts with well meaning, but disorganized west coast Golden Retriever rescue groups, we found via a rescue group in Oregon.

Here is where we found Lady. A seven year old sweet bundle of Golden love. She was an owner surrender and I'm sure it broke their hearts as much as it did Lady's. Kim and Wally Coon of Boring, OR fostered Lady for 5 weeks on behalf of Golden Bond. Lady was part of a pack of two other balanced dogs and was happy to be in such a nice home. When Lady jumped into the back of our SUV for the ride home to Seattle, she fell right into step with Andi and I...never looking back.

Today is her fourth day in her forever home and I can honestly say, it's like we have all been together for our whole lives. She is a sweet, well behaved girl with no bad habits to speak of. I look forward to writing about her in the years to come.

Welcome our family. We love and adore you already.


A short note about my Pal Devo. We decided to bring a male Golden puppy into the family in 1997 so Sunny could help raise him and impart his free spirit and macho strut onto our new boy. Unfortunately, Sunny died just before we brought Devo home. With no papa dog around, Cosmo was the one who helped raise him.

I wanted to include mention of Devo for chronological purposes. Devo has his own blog at:

The blog tells Devo's life story, plus a great deal about Cosmo and her role as Devo's companion and rock of Gibraltar. They were a great pair.
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