Saturday, April 18, 2009

Lady's springtime update

Many of you have asked how Lady is doing, hanging out in Phoenix, making new friends and enjoying the sunny weather. It took her awhile to adjust to the warm dry weather; her skin and coat made their own adjustment, shedding the majority of her undercoat during November and December. For the first couple of months on our daily off leash walks, I allowed her to flush the many cotton tail bunnies out of the bushes (she just loves it). But there was a serious down side - Oleanders, a shrub that when their branches are trimmed and exposed, can be extremely poisonous to the skin of humans and K9s. Lady broke out with a horrible rash and it took quite awhile to identify the source of the problem and cure it.
We tried several different vets at two clinics; not one of them deviated from their pedestrian views about skin problem: food allergy, low thyroid level, food allergy (followed by a recommended $90 a bag food only THAT vet could provide) and special vet supplied shampoos (one good - with benzoperoxide added , the other was coal tar based, don't EVER use this on you dog). I'm happy to say that with the help of my friends at Kimber Dog Wash and keeping Lady on leash and away from all bushes, she is completely healed. Lesson learned: trust your instincts when it comes to the health of your K9 companions. Vets mean well, I never doubt their sincerity, but trust your own "gut" when choosing your vet and interpreting their diagnoses and course of action. It is a relationship worth exploring deeply and not choosing strictly on emotion or cost.
Lady’s socialization is coming along very nicely. She has made some new friends:
- Ollie the 3 year old English Bull Dog, there was a spark between these two. Playing like they’ve known each other in a past life (or something new age like that). It was very cute. Ollie’s dad says it’s because they share the same energy and are both balanced and happy kids. He may be right!
- Major the big male Golden, they spent an evening together at Major’s house. Lady waltzed in like she owned the place and after getting to know each other they began a male-female Golden courtship. More new moves from Lady. She never ceases to surprise me.
- There are lot’s of unruly, yappy little dogs in our neighborhood in Phoenix. Lady really dislikes them. She must have had a bad experience in her past with a little dog or two. There is a sweet toy poodle who is not afraid of Lady and after a controlled first meeting they get along very nicely whenever their paths cross. Wish I could find more of those.


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