Friday, July 3, 2009

Shoreline dog park

Oh what joy. Finally, Shoreline, WA enters the 21st century and creates our first off-leash dog park with money from a multi-million dollar parks bond passed a couple of years ago. The space is roomy, well fenced and drains properly for those soggy Seattle winters. Lady has visited a dozen times since our return. She loves to sniff, mark, meet new doggy friends, paw and crotch dive her new human friends. All in the name of innocent K9 fun. Memorable dogs we've met are:
- a pair of Portuguese water dogs who had very good energy and were as sweet as pie. Lady enjoyed their company very much. Their owner was very nice too and clearly understood how to raise balanced dogs.
- A big goofy Blood Hound who just adored Lady. They became fast friends and running buddies.
A word of thanks to ShoreDog, an informal organization of private citizens who helped drive the progress towards establishing this dog park. Way to go. The lady that helped establish this organization is running for city council. She has my vote for sure (Shari Tracy).
PS: As of Dec. 1st, 2009, Shari is officially declared the winner of her city council race (defeating the incumbent appointed mayor - pretty big deal). Congratulations Shari.
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