Friday, May 20, 2011

Pet Food Primer Part-2

By popular demand - looking at ingredients of grocery store brands.

The care and feeding of your best friend is a personal decision. It never hurts to be educated on the finer points of what you are really getting when you purchase that attractive bag of food with the slick picture of the cutest dog you've ever seen.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Pet Food Primer Part-1

IMHO this is the finest overview of the options we have when it comes to feeding our dogs. Right up there with the work that Whole Dog Journal does. The presenter has impeccable credentials (she is a Vet) and is well spoken. You could easily watch this video 3 or 4 times.....really! This is Part-1 covering the best types of foods and their ingredients. Part 2 (I will post soon) is the horror story (my words) of supermarket brands. Do you want your dog to "just survive" or "thrive". That really is the question.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Big Red

Hard to paint a picture with words about how TALL Easton is! Being a Golden, there is a certain "size" picture in most of our minds, painted by our dogs, Westminster beauties or encounters with this wonderful breed. Not sure where he inherited this, but he would be a #1 draft choice in the Golden NBA for sure.

It becomes comical when he decides to squeeze under my desk in order to help me attack all those bits and bytes during the workday. 

I can now trust him to play off-leash out front, fetching up the ball and exploring. Once he just couldn't control his enthusiasm and headed in the wrong direction. A sharp NAME and recall snapped his head back and he quickly trotted back to me, tail wagging and refocused. This was after only having him here for two weeks. I think that eventually he will be 99 percenter. Easton is a very good boy, eager to please, but just a little out of practice. We are so thrilled to have Big Red in our family.

Two months ago to the day, Lady left us for the Bridge. I wish she could have met this big guy. They would have been so good together. As I've said before, Lady LOVED the big Golden boys, especially when they didn't care who was boss! When it comes to other dogs, Easton has immense tolerance for pretty much anything. A certain Cocker Spaniel insisted on trying to mount his shoulder, not really knowing why. Once, twice, three....then on the fourth try, Easton turned on him, put him down with a growl and a flash of very big teeth.....and that was it. Never happened again. They went on to spend an enjoyable afternoon together.
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