Friday, November 28, 2008

Lady invades Phoenix!

It's been awhile since a posting. I must apologize to all my readers who tune in occasionally to see what's new with Lady. Dad and Lady drove down to Phoenix in mid-October. She rode in her crate for 3 straight days and 1600 miles. It was quite an adventure for both of us. Lady was as good as gold and proved she is a very special Golden. The weather was perfect all the way down and in the 90s for 3 weeks after we arrived. MeMe and PaPa (my parents) were thrilled to meet her and she has taken over the house and their hearts ever since.

Lady is happy, healthy and enjoying the winter weather in Phoenix just like her Dad (Andi was down for two weeks and loved it too). Two walks a day, dog park visit 2 or 3 times a week and lot's of loves and Duck treats.

Rather than go through a long narrative about Lady's adventures, I'll just list the highlights from a few happenings over the last few month.
- Lady loves the dog park. She is learning how to greet and socialize like the balanced K9 I just know she can be. She pretty much takes command of the park. She is curious and confident.
- She now walks off-leash better than when she is tethered!! Never thought I'd see the day.
- Everyone loves Lady. She has many fans at the local dog park, grocery store (she waits outside on her leash and seduces every dog lover that walks by), Starbucks and all our neighbors coo over her at every opportunity.
- She has decided that it's OK to take over my bed if I'm not in it!
- She is the most gregarious, confident dog we've had since Sunny. Nothing phases her (except the chirping of a smoke detector when it's telling you to change the battery). This happened a couple of months ago and she paced, cried and was visibly distressed.
- She has met two family dogs we were concerned about: Buddy, the Green's maniacal 2 year old, black Lab (they got on like old friends) and Rocky, my sister's 2 year old Welsh Terrier (he actually belongs to Jim). Rocky is generally a naughty, rowdy boy who runs roughshod over 2 legged and 4 legged visitors. Lady took no crap from him, protected my 3 year old niece from his terror and took command of their house until she left! Lady and Rocky are now the best of friends.

I have since spent time with Rocky when Lady is not around. On a recent visit he jumped and mouthed me when I arrived, but a firm hand and consistent resistance to his bratty ways quickly turned him into a very well behaved dog during our visit. I LIKE that Rocky!

Lady visits Sky-Y camp, 7 miles south of Prescott, AZ.
She loved the smells, sounds and Chipmunks.
Always the happy, confident girl.
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