Sunday, April 24, 2011

Miss the Sun - Easton at the dog park

For those of you wondering about Easton's interest in the tennis ball he was trying to spirit into his mouth a couple of posts ago, here is how he REALLY feels. The sunniest day I have seen since leaving Arizona a month ago. Shoreline dog park, April 23rd. Notice he has a couple of angel kisses on his tongue...or....maybe he kissed them first. After the video is a rare picture of Andi who was "electric shock" surprised when I brought this big, lovable lug home 10 days ago. As you can see, she highly approves.

Metronome courtesy of Easton's tail.....

Saturday, April 23, 2011

With me always

A surprise in the mail from our dear friends Sugar and  Mom Rosalyn.
The perfect place for Lady to always ride along. There was nothing she loved more.
This picture will have a place of honor on the Lady Lifeforce site.
Thank you so much.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Venus and Mars are alright tonight - Easton

I must tell you all....the planets aligned in the strangest of ways on Tuesday, April 12th. Multitasking like crazy at work, I switched from protected, internal corporate network mode on my laptop, over to the Internet to search for a part number. Calling up iGoogle for a search, my eye caught a headline in "Google Reader" on Seattle Dog Spot that said an 8 year old Golden Retriever needed a new home and he was located in Lake Stevens, WA (15 minutes from the office, 35 minutes from home). SDS picked it up from a Facebook post by Old Dog Haven, who I contacted for the details and was put in touch with the owner. This handsome boy is called Easton; he had belonged to an elderly couple who got him as a puppy. Grandpa died recently and Grandma's health is failing rapidly. Their daughter took Easton in, but with their schedule, family members living at home and other dogs to care for, thought it was best to find a good home for him (lucky me).

The next day I dashed over on my lunch break to meet Easton. He was even more handsome, playful and loving than the daughter described. He had just returned from the groomer and was shaved on many parts of his body. At this temporary home, he roamed free on a few acres surrounded by an invisible fence, so he spent all of his spare time swimming in a good sized pond! I guess he had quite a few mats that could only be shaved off. He seemed to be in very good health, is long and lean for a Golden and weighs in at about 85 pounds.

His family liked me, I loved Easton, so I adopted him on the spot (didn’t want to take him back to the office, so I returned after work). As I left Lake Stevens after my lunch visit, knowing I was going to return 3 hours later to officially adopt him, I called Andi (who is my wonderful wife) at work, asked her if she loved me, asked what time she was getting home that night and proclaimed that I had a surprise for her. I returned to Easton’s temporary home after work on Wednesday and brought him home.... As you have already guessed, Easton was a complete surprise to Andi! Boy was she surprised. She hasn't stopped smiling since. Yes, Easton is that wonderful.

As I sit here typing, looking up at Lady's portrait; I can only think how much she would of approved....she LOVED the big Golden boys…. especially the good natured, goofy, playful ones. Oh Mrs. Magoo, I wish that I could have found him sooner. My friend Keith once said: “There's unlimited love for Lady's memory and unlimited love for a dog that needs a home.  Love is infinite!” I answered that “you are right, but it must happened organically”.

Well, it did. It was sooner than I expected, but it did happen organically and ….. It is FurEver. Welcome to our life Easton.
Enjoy the pictures….

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