Monday, June 28, 2010

The funny puppy grew up

I watched a very cute video on YouTube called "Breakfast at Ginger's". For you that haven't seen it:

Breakfast at Ginger's video

There are always other videos featured on the sidepanels of YouTube: sleepy puppies, Golden puppy this and Golden puppy that. Well, that got me to thinking about my last Golden puppy and how funny he was; growing up to be such a handsome boy and all. His name is Devo and like MaxMom and her Max, he was MY heart dog.

Devo, 8 weeks old
Devo 6 weeks old

Devo 1 year old, bored Cosmo in the background
Devo 6 years old
Devo 8 years old

Devo 10 years old - still a puppy at heart

Friday, June 25, 2010

Bath day for Lady

Probably not the most flattering picture of Lady, on her back in the bath tub, but from comments by employees at the U-Bathe-Em doggy emporiums we frequent, very few owners bathe their dogs this way. Lady, like my other Goldens, tolerates her baths and cooperates fully with only a little coaxing from Dad. Not bad for a 10 year old rescue girl. I'm pretty sure she never had to do this before. Leaving her special shampoo on for 10 minutes (her belly is critical) has cleared up the nagging skin problems she had last year. So now everyone is happy and Lady always gets complemented on her lovely coat. Needless to say, she loves that, especially when it is followed by much petting and cooing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To my Dad - JT


Keeping with the Golden theme, Sunny - PaPa dog to 24 beautiful Golden puppies (including: Toby, Cosmo & Ellie)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A little break

Lady and I are on an extended break this week. We hope to be back on-line soon. In the meantime, we will still be visiting all of our friend's blogs as much as possible. Ciao for now.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

No strings attached

This post is for our friend Jack who desperately needs to be freed from his strings so he can do what all Labs do - run, fetch, swim, run, fetch, swim, run, fetch, swim, run, fetch, swim, run, fetch, swim, run, fetch, swim (oh yea, its Jack - disclaimer, not necessarily in that order).

A standing invitation to join us anytime.

We went last weekend, but dumb Dad left his memory stick at home (the one in the camera wise guy).

Swimming at the dog park - 2009 post

All pictures from the 2009 dog park swim

Wandering Wednesday

Lady investigating the presence of chipmunks.
"I'm sure there were some over wait, over THERE"

Monday, June 7, 2010

The Pack

This weekend, while digging through boxes in the garage, I uncovered a rare picture depicting the time when my Pack grew to 4 happy sporting dogs. Bear with me while I tell their story. It's 1992, Bellevue, WA - here they are anxiously waiting to go for a ride to the park. Let me introduce you:
L to R
- Sadie, 3 years old, Half Golden, Half Lab
- Sunny aka PaPa Dog, 6 years old, Golden
- Cosmo, 18 months and behind, in the shadows is her sister Ellie (these gorgeous girls were from Sunny's 2nd litter)

This was a very special time for all of us. Sadie would soon be adopted by Andi's mom who was widowed and had bonded with Sadie like nothing I had ever seen. Ellie had just been returned to us after enduring a difficult year at a place that did not understand her needs as a Golden. We had four dogs for a month and then three dogs after Sadie went to live with Grambo. For the rest of her life, Sadie was always a member of our pack even though she lived a few miles away. Funny how they never forget.

Sunny, Sadie and Cosmo at Grambo's house - 1994

Ellie was a special case. She came to us skittish, skinny and lacking the natural self-confidence that permeated all Sunny puppies we had ever known. We had made up our minds to keep her permanently; she fit so well with the pack. Her sister dog Cosmo was so mellow, smart and confident that she had become (before Ellie's arrival) our loaner Golden! Several of our trusted friends would take her for a walks, or to the park and once; on a three day camping trip in the Cascade mountains! Cosmo was such a natural with humans, she knew exactly what to do and when.

The girls - 10 years old - 2001

Friends Chad and Kathleen were amazed at how wonderful having a Golden Retriever was after spending 3 days in the mountains with Cosmo. They also adored Ellie and 3 months later, asked if we would consider letting them adopt Ellie. They had a new house with a yard and Ellie was their first child!! It was a match made in heaven. Ellie grew into a healthy, confident girl who received as much unconditional love as she gave. It was the happiest ending we could have ever hoped for.

Needless to say they are all gone now, waiting for us at the Rainbow bridge. They all had long, healthy, happy lives with their peeps. Cosmo lived to be 15 - still a record for our Goldens.

I started this blog in early 2008 to chronicle the history of my Golden friends and to honor their memory.  The Links below are my early entries - which explains the original name of this blog....
"My Golden K9 History"

Sunny aka PaPa Dog


Cosmo's story

Cosmo and Ellie

Cosmo with Sunny
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