Monday, November 23, 2009

Winter 2009 trip: Seattle to Phoenix

5 days, 1780 miles, Seattle to Salem, OR, Salem to Corning, CA, Corning to Barstow with a stop in Sacramento (wow, that was a long day), Barstow to Cornville, AZ (relaxing day with Bob and Robin), then the short drive into Phoenix. Lot's of blustery weather encountered; always seemed to be blowing in our face. There just is not a good way to travel from Sacramento south to Bakersfield. I5 is desolate and busy with slow trucks and maniac California drivers. Our route this time took us along Hwy.99 through all the valley towns. This was a little better than I5, but still very busy and at times scary (why do some idiots have to drive 90 mph?). I think from now on the slightly longer route; Seattle-Boise-SLC-Vegas-Phoenix is much easier and not any longer time wise. Well, now I know!!

Lady was good as gold the whole way. I trained her to lay down in the back in a secure position so she did not have to endure the crate this trip. She was much more comfortable. Normally, she wants to hang her head out the window standing up the whole way. Obviously, this isn't safe or practical. She always shows me that she is willing to adapt to her new forever home.

Another odd thing; most of the rest areas along the way were closed!! Budget cuts I hear. How dumb is that. The Blueberry commission is still funded along with an army of state funded deer poop collectors, navel lint consultants and worthless bureaucrats; but rest areas that contribute to public safety are closed.

So, we had to find our own ad-hoc rest areas whenever the need presented itself. The picture shown on this post is from one of our stops.
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